Idocrase Mini Colour Kit

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Four pages of functional stickers for your planner or journal in our signature colour Idocrase. Each page is kiss cut and each column measures 1.5 inches wide, making them the perfect fit for our printable planner inserts.

Please note colours be different than they appear on your screen as every monitor translates colours differently. Idocrase is a warm grass/forest green.

Non witchy, apart from a few icons and subtle symbols on a couple of boxes.

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Available in buttery smooth matt.

Persephone's Boutique stickers have traded under the name "Persephone's Planner" since 2015. Persephone's Planner is owned by Persephone's Boutique.

These stickers are manufactured in-house at the Persephone's Boutique headquarters in London and are handmade with love and care. We are always open to feedback and suggestions and are happy to modify our stickers to suit our customers.