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2024 Q2 & Q3 Gem Rewards!

If you love Demoji and want more exclusive goodies, make sure you are mining your gems! Most of our newer sticker sheets come adorned with beautiful gemstones which you can mine and collect at the back of your free journaling card (provided with every order). Once you have collected all the gems for any color set, simply redeem your reward with your next order!

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Meet Demoji

Allow us to introduce you to a charming and enchanting character who has captured the hearts of many – Demoji, The Cutest Demon in Town!

Demoji hails from the depths of the Underworld, a realm of mystery and magic. Despite his origin, he's not your typical demon; he's a delightful blend of bravery, playfulness, and kawaii charm. Imagine a tiny adventurer who has ventured from the abyss into the upper realms of Earth, all in the hopes of making friends and learning about our earthly cultures.

With his adorable expressions, Demoji carries a sense of honesty and sweetness that's truly captivating. His journey is both brave and powerful, and he's here to bring a touch of the magickal to our everyday lives. He carries a bindle made from the branch of an ash tree and a magickal square of cloth that his seamstress mother created for him – a cloth adorned with golden stars on a red background, symbolizing his connection to the cosmos.

VISIT SEPTAEMA.COM - Learn about Demoji's realm and find out where he hails from.

VISIT DEMOJIWORLD - Find out more about Demoji himself

Everyday clothing for the everyday Witch

Persephone's Boutique started out as a small t-shirt screen printing business in 2017, selling handmade tees for Samhain. 

Years later we are still creating beautiful, functional and wearable clothing for Witches and Pagans all around the world; pieces that make you stand out from the crowd yet are subtle and comfortable enough for everyday wear. 

All of our tees, hoodies and sweaters come in a high quality unisex fit in sizes XS through to 3XL/5XL so that you can rock any print you like, no matter your shape or size.

Team our tees and hoodies with your favourite pair of jeans and cute sneakers and you're good to go!

>Read more about Persephone's Boutique

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Promotions, coupon codes, prize draws, new products, sales and Demoji news. Directly to your inbox.


Oh good lord, I'm about due for a reorder!! I have TORN through these amazing stickers, just because there were a few special ones I liked to use for days-long rituals! I searched far and wide for "planner" stickers that spoke to me before settling on these, and these are the ones I will probably continue to use in my monthly calendar in the front of my Midori Travelers "notebook of methods." Super awesome! Thank you so much for making these for folks like me! I COULD freehand a little icon on special days, but these stickers are waaaay more fulfilling. Thank you!!


It's wonderful when you can find things for your own specific community. Thank you for creating these for witches/Pagans!

Patrick S

Beautiful! I love the stickers.
Awesome service from the shopkeeper... thank you so much!


Original order package 1 never arrived - seller was then on holiday. Upon their return sent package 2 which arrived next working day only the stickers weren't cut they were just printed solid sheets. I showed the seller this and she sent a 3rd package with my order & loads extra stuff AND full refund!



Exquisite! I never found what i wanted till now. Thank you so much! ♥