Gemstone Mining and Excavation Program

Starting in September 2023, a sparkling transformation awaits all Demoji sticker sheets, as they will now be adorned with gemstones, each one ushering in the opportunity to participate in our dazzling rewards program.

With every sheet you acquire, you'll discover a red gemstone—a coveted token of enchantment. But there's more! Half of our sticker sheets will reveal not only the cherished red gem but also a vibrant green gem. And for the fortunate few, a quarter of the sheets will unveil the elusive blue gem—a rare and precious find.

Mine these exquisite gems right from your sticker sheet, and display them with pride on the back of the complimentary journaling card that accompanies each and every sticker order. As your collection of gemstones grows, so too do your chances of unlocking a treasure trove of exclusive rewards!

The red gems, gracing every sticker sheet printed from September 2023 onward, serve as your entry into a realm of exclusivity. Activate these crimson gems, and you'll unveil an exclusive sticker sheet, a testament to your dedication to Demoji.

Green gems, hidden on 50% of our sheets, offer the promise of treasures beyond your wildest dreams. Collect these green marvels, and you'll uncover an accessory or homeware delight—a coveted mug, alluring washi tape, or an exquisite phone case or some other mysterious treat.

Venture further into the realms of chance with the rare blue gem, found in just 1 in 4 sticker sheets. Should fortune favor you, these gems unlock the most exclusive of rewards—a one-of-a-kind t-shirt, a clear affirmation of your unwavering Demoji devotion.

When you've completed the activation of a gem color, it's time to claim your well-deserved reward. Simply leave a note at checkout, indicating your intention to claim a gem reward with your next order. Once your order is placed, inscribe the date and order number on the back of your journaling card beneath the relevant gem color. Snap a photograph of it and promptly send it to us at

With your next order, your prize will embark on its journey to you, an ethereal gem reward making its way to its rightful owner.


  1. Complete activation of any gem color by mining gems from your sticker sheet and placing them in the relevant space at the back of the journaling card.
  2. Place an order as usual, and in the "notes to seller" section at checkout, let us know you will be redeeming a reward with the order.
  3. Once you have placed your order, write your order number and the date in the space provided beneath the gem color you have completed.
  4. Take a photo and send it to us at

Embark on this enchanting adventure, where each gem weaves a tale, and every reward celebrates your magickal journey with Demoji!