Lux Arcana Gradient Can Glass

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Discover Your House at Emberforge University
Welcome to Emberforge University, where magick meets academia in the mystical realms of Septaema. Take our sorting quiz to uncover which of our five unique houses resonates with your inner magick — Lux Arcana; Umbra Noctis; Ignis Vox; Aqua Silva; or Terra Nova.

Lux Arcana House: House of Wisdom and Enlightenment
Step into the realm of wisdom and enlightenment with Lux Arcana House. Embracing those who seek clarity and understanding, Lux Arcana is renowned for its pursuit of knowledge and the illumination of truth.

Lux Arcana House Can-Shaped Glass
Illuminate your moments with the wisdom of Lux Arcana House. This 16oz can-shaped glass, available with or without lid and straw, features a pastel colored gradient house crest on both sides. Embrace clarity and enlightenment in every sip.


Not Sure Where You Belong?
Explore the mysteries of Septaema and find your place at Emberforge University! Take our sorting quiz now to unveil your true house and join a community of magickal scholars.

• Glass material
• Logo on both sides
• Volume: 16 oz. (473 ml)
• Not dishwasher or microwave safe
• Blank product sourced from China