Sabbat Planner & Journal 2023-2024

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The Sabbat Planner & Journal is now celebrating its 6th year of enchanting existence! Since its inception in 2018, it has remained the quintessential Wheel of the Year companion for those immersed in the mystical arts.

In our 2023-2024 edition, we continue to embrace the captivating watercolor artwork that bewitched your hearts in the previous year's version. Its aesthetics have woven a spell of their own. However, to grant you even more creative freedom, we've introduced a clean, minimal design option—allowing you to infuse your own personal touch into its pages.

With an impressive 160+ pages, you'll find yourself well-prepared for every Sabbat, without ever feeling overwhelmed. Whether you're planning for your cherished family gatherings, uniting with your coven, or embarking on solitary celebrations, the Sabbat Planner & Journal is your sole and indispensable guide to harmonizing with the ever-turning wheel of the seasons.

This purchase offers you not one, but four versions of this digital planner:
1. Full-resolution, fully illustrated
2. Reduced-resolution, fully illustrated
3. Full-resolution, minimal edition
4. Reduced-resolution, minimal edition

Upon your purchase, you'll have the privilege of accessing all four versions. Simply select the one that resonates most with your magickal spirit.

*This planner runs from Samhain 2023 - Mabon 2024 and is for the Northern Hemisphere. 

This is a digital planner, intended for use with a note-taking app such as GoodNotes on a tablet (e.g iPad). Our paperback versions are available on Amazon.

You are NOT allowed to share, distribute or give out this planner or the file you download when purchasing this planner. For personal use only.