Umbra Noctis Travel Mug

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Discover Your House at Emberforge University
Welcome to Emberforge University, where magick meets academia in the mystical realms of Septaema. Take our sorting quiz to uncover which of our five unique houses resonates with your inner magick — Lux Arcana; Umbra Noctis; Ignis Vox; Aqua Silva; or Terra Nova.

Umbra Noctis House: House of Shadows and Secrets
Delve into the mysteries of shadows and secrets with Umbra Noctis House. Welcoming those who navigate the unseen and unravel mysteries, Umbra Noctis excels in the arcane arts and esoteric knowledge.

Umbra Noctis House Travel Mug
Embrace mystery with the Umbra Noctis House Travel Mug. Designed for the curious soul, this travel mug features a sleek and durable build with a spill-proof plastic lid. Ideal for commuting or delving into introspective journeys, it fits perfectly into most car cup holders, keeping your drink secure and at the optimal temperature. Includes a gradient house crest on one side and a Demoji logo with the house motto, "Astra in Tenebris" (Stars in the Darkness), on the other.


Not Sure Where You Belong?
Explore the mysteries of Septaema and find your place at Emberforge University! Take our sorting quiz now to unveil your true house and join a community of magickal scholars.

• Made with stainless steel and BPA-free plastic 
• Capacity: 25 oz (739 ml)
• Height: 7.9″ (20 cm)
• Upper diameter: 3.3″ (8.4 cm)
• Bottom diameter: 2.7″ (7 cm)
• Hand-wash only

Caution! To prevent steam pressure buildup, always open the lid before placing it on a hot drink.

Size guide

  WIDTH (inches) LENGTH (inches)
25 oz 4 ⅝ 7 ⅞
  WIDTH (cm) LENGTH (cm)
25 oz 11.7 20